In a sea of brands old and new, it becomes very difficult to create a niche for your brand and to be able to catch the TA at the right place, at the right time. You not just need an added effort, but also an added edge and that is where TransEdge comes to the rescue of your brand. To break the clutter and let your brand shine through.

TransEdge does not load the brand with unnecessary information or detail but actually helps take the burden off by offering solutions and a satisfying consumer experience.

TransEdge Retail Management services was found in 2011 with an objective of providing world class services for all kind of Events and Training needs of the organizations.

Given the amount of investment a brand makes in building a connect with the consumer and their Employees, it requires rigorous training at all levels inclusive of selling skills, product & technology as well as customer service. TransEdge efficiently handles all these trainings that are crucial for the development and growth of the brand.

We make sure our Training programs are easily understood and by the participants and they take home easy learning. Our programs are filled with fun and knowledge. We can assure a positive and valuable change in the participant’s behavior at the end of the Training Program

Create an impact on consumers in a way to trigger conversation in favor of the Brands that we work with.

• Be the best in the industry
• Be the rightful partner to brands that we work with.
• Be the first choice of our clients while planning a Marketing campaign